Female MMA Knockouts - Best from 2017

Female MMA Knockouts — Best from 2017

Female MMA Knockouts — Best from 2017! Лучшие нокауты в боях без правил среди женщин за 2017 год, удары от которых мутнеет в глазах и хочется спать.
Huge Female Knockouts from 2017! Great highlights for all WMMA fans. This is Top 11 Female Knockouts from 2017 complication. See many female head kicks knockouts and female one-punch knockouts. Get to know the next big thing in WMMA — Sabina Mazo!
2:28 This should’ve been stopped a second or two after the girl got back up. She was grabbing the cage with her right hand for balance and flailing her open left hand at random. This definitely qualifies as not intelligently defending yourself.
The indie scene for female fighting has such a low level of skill. It’s remarkable at times, the first gal getting KO’d clearly hasnt been training for more than 6 months. Dont get how a coach can let you fight if you’re not at that level yet. My coach wont let anyone fight until 2+ years depending on skill level.
THANK God Dana White has dug up the few diamonds out of the women’s mma trash pool. He totally saved this section of the sport. You see those are supposed to be the best women’s KOs but those are all women making horrible mistakes like blinking at the wrong moment. They would have zero chance against a real professional like Namajunas.
Was that second clip in slow motion? That kick was one of the slowest deliveries I have ever seen.
And if you continue watching when they go to the replay. That foot work, what was that called? The drunk Duck?
Really good compilation. Otherwise I would not have seen most of these fights. Good job and keep’em coming! Though I gotta say, I started sweating there at the end with the submission…as soon as I saw that arm go the wrong way….ouch! LOL….
Female MMA Knockouts — Best from 2017! Don’t mean to disrespect, but come on — most of these girls and these KOs, I’ve seen better stuff on a Saturday night in the local bar — and some of these girls have more fat around their waists than the dudes there.

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